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Since its formation VLL Group has been successful in providing a safe and healthy working environment in all the workplaces onshore and offshore. Senior management has endorsed the principle that the requirement of safety, health and protection of the environment is a given priority in all kinds of business activities. This principle has contributed significantly to our present achievements and it will undoubtedly continue to contribute in the future.

Our standards are very high in order to meet our business objectives. Therefore it is not sufficient only to meet minimum legal obligations but to clearly demonstrate the Company’s positive attitude to safety, health and the environment as well.

Complacency is a word that must never be associated with safety, health or the environment. Management at all levels is expected to apply these policies enthusiastically and to encourage the same enthusiasm in their staff. The support and assistance of all personnel is necessary if you want to ensure the success and effectiveness of those policies.

It is the duty of every individual to co-operate with management and to work in such a manner as to ensure the safety and health of themselves and others. To achieve this, the Company will provide all the necessary training/information.

We are confident to announce that with sincere support and implementation of the Company’s Safety and Health and Environmental Policies our achievements of the past can be surpassed in the future.