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Shipbuilding, painting, grit blasting, cleaning with compressed
water, piping, welding, installation and production

Norwegian Epic, St. Nazaire, 2010

Cruise liner hull and machinery painting project. Norwegian Epic, St. Nazaire, 2010

Hauling, Lithuania

Contractor: Klaipeda Ship Repair Year 2009, blasting and painting works

Residential and converter platform, Lithuania

Contractor: WSY Fi-Fi for transformation system, Fi-Fi and deck washing system, diesel fire pumps exhaust system, EDG exhaust system, boiler exhaust system, blasting and painting works.

Passenger and car ferries FV66, FV67, FV68, FV69

Passenger and car ferries: FV 66, FV 67, FV 68, FV 69, Lithuania. Contractor: WSY. Year 2007 to 2009. Drain system with aluminum pipes, air and filling system, sanitary discharge system, sounding system, blasting and painting works.

SIA Bio Venta bio diesel factory, Latvia

Contractor: SIA Constructus Year 2007, piping systems

Self-propelled platform WindLift1, Lithuania

Self-propelled platform (heavy lift vessel type) WindLift1, Lithuania Contractor: WSY, year 2008 to 2009 Fuel oil transfer system, sea water system, CO system, LT/HT fresh water cooling system, crankcase ventilation system, black and grey water system, ventilation and sounding systems, blasting and painting works.

Dhekelia Power Station, Cyprus

Tanks with cleaning and overhauling works involving rope access specialists.