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Shipbuilding, painting, grit blasting, cleaning with compressed
water, piping, welding, installation and production


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For almost 20 years of operation the company VLL Group acquired an invaluable experience and was proven as a reliable partner in ship repairing, sandblasting, painting, pipe installation and welding fields. In several projects at once the number of personnel has reached the number of 150 professionals.

The average company size is what differentiates the company from small enterprises, to which it is difficult to participate in large projects and from large, which do not respond to medium-sized projects.

This is a call for flexibility – the ability that often results project success. VLL group response is lightning-fast; the works begin without a long preparation, and always saves valuable time on projects. Responsiveness, flexibility, and optimal number of employees, management and goals – that is what determine success and ensure a strong partnership.

Company history began with projects in Lithuania, later on expanded to Europe. Now, our partners and we are willing to enter the whole world in order to prove that a small company like VLL Group can be well-known far from home.

Currently VLL Group operates in Lithuania, Holland, Belgium, Finland and working on a new contracts with the Norwegian, German and Italian partners.